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Follow the adventures of Mook, Blog, and CLiK in this brand new CG Comic Strip!Update - This app is now ad-supported and all of the strips are now available! The three strip limitation has been removed!If you dont want to see ads, we offer an ad-free version of "Mook" for a one-time fee of only .99!“Mook” and his shipmates “Blog” and “CLiK” are here to shatter your preconceived notions of what extraterrestrial “intelligent life” should be. Follow these three dysfunctional space aliens and their disastrous misadventures through an unsuspecting galaxy with this brand new, first of its kind, CG comic strip App, which you can view on your device in 2D or 3D!Yes, aliens are real - and they don’t want to eat you for lunch (why, when there’s potato salad and sushi?). And forget about them following a “Prime Directive” – these three are lucky to just stay alive without pulling down the entire cosmos with them.So grab your space boots (and your blue and red 3D glasses for an added dimension!), and hold on. “Mook” will be updated every 3 weeks with three new strips. Enjoy!App Features:Fully 3D, CG rendered graphics2D and 3D anaglyph* versions of each strip (*red and blue glasses required)Panel-by-panel strip readability with a swipe of your fingerAbility to install app to SD CardFun background music track and sound effectsThe story of "Mook" included for background info on the charactersAccess to the "Mook" website for info, animated videos, and more..."Mook" has been tested on the following devices:Nexus OneDroid XCliq XTArchos 101 TabletThis app is not yet optimized for Honeycomb tablets.If your device isn…...

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Android 1.6 以上 , 4.1.1 以下

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