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Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation

Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation

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Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool; It is a way of accessing the power of the subconscious, the power to change one's self. Hypnosis, properly executed with a patient who wants to succeed can help in many situations. It is not a replacement for professional medical care, but it can help motivate and affect positive change in your life.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high quality voice audio and music, this is a large app. Android sometimes has problems installing very large apps. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for install issues if you have not done the following things:
1) Make sure you have enough free space on your phone (both on SD and internal storage).
2) Check your OS version. The app will only install to SD card if your OS supports it (Android 2.2 and up).
3) Restart your phone to clear the cache before trying to install.
4) If possible, download and install while on wifi
This is the free relaxation and evaluation app for Nimue hypnosis session apps. It is meant to demonstrate the quality of the app and voice recordings. It contains some relaxation audio, but is not an effective Hypnosis application in and of itself.
App features:
• Install/Move to SD card (if supported by OS).
• Male and Female voice options.
• 6 basic relaxation options.
• 2 cycling music tracks.
• Audio mixer to adjust voice/music volume contrast.
• Ability to link to and obtain full Hypnosis sessions from within the free app (New sessions and updates to this free app are released every week).
Please check out our Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Alcoholism and OCD apps - this app is just a preview of the features available in those Hypnosis apps. Many more sessions to come! We will also be bringing you sessions in a female voice so you may choose which you prefer.
请注意:由于高质量的语音音频和音乐,这是一个大的应用程序。 Android的有时也有安装非常大的应用程序的问题。如果你还没有做下面的事情请不要离开负反馈的安装问题:
2)检查您的操作系统版本。如果你的操作系统支持它(的Andr​​oid 2.2及更高版本)的应用程序将只安装到SD卡。
请看看我们的戒烟,减肥,酗酒和强迫症的应用程序 - 这个程序只是在这些催眠应用程序中提供的功能预览。还有更多的会来!我们还将为您带来一个女性的声音会因此你可以选择你喜欢。

Hypnosis - (Free) Relaxation 更新内容

Implemented requested feature: If you select a session from the dropdown and click "get session", and you already have the selected session installed, then that session will be launched on your phone instead of taking you to its android market page.

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