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Olive introduces the OliveApp™ application for your Android device giving you the easiest way to control your Olive Hi-Fi digital music system from anywhere in your home. From your kitchen, bedroom or favorite spot on the living room couch, the OliveApp™ gives you portable access to the touchscreen navigation that you love on your Olive. Get instant access to your complete music collection, up to 6,000 CDs, stored on your Olive in lossless quality. Find your music quickly and select by genre, artist or album or tap a few letters and search by name or simply use the built in voice control to find your favorites. You can also create playlists or listen to thousands of free internet radio stations. OliveApp™ also lets you control your Melody multi-room players for easy wireless access to your music all over your home.
> Control your Olive Server from anywhere in your home. The Olive is the world’s only high fidelity digital music system that stores up to 6,000 CDs in lossless quality and offers the convenience of digital music access with no compromise in sound quality.
> Find the music you want easily with the full-color touchscreen. Select by genre, artist or album or tap a few letters and do a quick search or use the built in voice control.
> See album artwork and plenty of detailed information about the music you're playing.
> Create playlists to set the mood for any occasion. You can even add songs to playlists while you are listening.
> Choose from thousands of free, pre-set internet radio stations or add your personal favorites.
> Access your complete music collection and play it in other rooms with Olive Melody multi-room players.
Detailed Features
- Navigate your Olive music server via Artist, Album, Track, Playlist or Genre
- Navigate via artwork for Artist or Album
- Navigate your network devices via music sources
- Connect to the internet in order to choose from over 3,000 radio stations
- Automatic detection of all available Olive devices for quick access
- Switch the control from the Olive Music Server to the Olive Player via Zones
- Search your library with the built in keyboard or simply use the voice control (exclusive to the Android app)
- Create new playlists or add songs to existing playlists
- Add a radio station to your favorites or bookmark one of our pre-loaded stations as a favorite for quick access or simply search through our radio database using your voice or the keyboard on your Android device
- Shuffle / repeat through your whole library
- See what title is currently playing within the play screen with tons of additional information like release date, additional performers and much more
- Control the volume with the volume slider or the hard volume buttons of your Android device within the play screen (exclusive to the Android app)
- Skip forward/backward, pause, stop or search within a title
- Put the Olive Server into sleep mode or wake it up using your Android device
橄榄介绍OliveApp™应用程序为您的Andr​​oid设备让您能够从您家里的任何地方控制你的橄榄高保真数字音乐系统的最简单方法。从你的厨房,卧室或最喜欢的地方在客厅的沙发上,在OliveApp™为您提供了便携的访问,你爱你的橄榄触摸屏导航。即时访问您的完整的音乐收藏,高达6000的CD,存储在无损质量橄榄树。找到你的音乐,并迅速按流派,艺术家或专辑中选择或点击几个字母,按名称搜索或简单地使用内置的语音控制,以找到您的收藏夹。您还可以创建播放列表,或听数以千计的免费网络电台。 OliveApp™还可以让你在你的家庭控制你的旋律多房间播放器,方便的无线访问您的音乐。
- 通过艺术家,专辑,曲目,播放列表或流派浏览您的橄榄音乐服务器
- 通过作品的艺术家或专辑导航
- 导航通过音乐源网络设备
- 连接到互联网,以便从3000电台选择
- 自动检测,以便快速访问所有可用的橄榄设备
- 从开关通过区的橄榄音乐服务器橄榄播放器控制
- 搜索您的图书馆与内置的键盘或简单地使用语音控制(独家Android应用程序)
- 创建新的播放列表,或添加歌曲到播放列表存在
- 电台添加到您的收藏夹或书签我们的预加载站之一为收藏,以便快速访问,或通过我们的广播数据库中使用你的声音,或你的Andr​​oid设备上的键盘简单搜索
- 随机播放/重复,通过你的整个库
- 看看标题是目前播放画面中玩万吨的额外信息,如发布日期,额外的表演和更多
- 控制音量滑块音量或Android设备的播放画面中的硬音量按钮(独家Android应用程序)
- 跳过前进/后退,暂停,停止或标题内搜索
- 把橄榄服务器进入睡眠模式或使用您的Andr​​oid设备将其唤醒

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Android 2.0.1 以上
Google Play

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