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Transit Now Toronto for TTC

Transit Now Toronto for TTC

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Transit Now Toronto for TTC Transit Now Toronto for TTC Transit Now Toronto for TTC Transit Now Toronto for TTC Transit Now Toronto for TTC Transit Now Toronto for TTC

Transit Now Toronto for TTC 描述

--- Features ---
* Find out when your next TTC bus or streetcar arrives
* Countdown Notification Timer with voice announcements
* Android Wear compatible with companion smartwatch app
* 'Are we there yet?' - be alarmed when you've reached your final destination
* Instant sort by location for favourite stops
* Find multiple nearby stops using your location
* Maps (track bus' position, visualize routes, see your vehicle and target stop, nearest stops)
* TTC service alerts via TTC
* Offline Usability (text the TTC for predictions)
* Subway maps, including platform maps to increase efficiency of your commute
* Subway open-close times
* Customizable (rename your stops, many options in settings)
* Backup favourites
* Share (via SMS/E-Mail) predictions and your arrival times
* Uncluttered, colour-coded, intuitive interface with large easy-to-read text
See what others have to say about this app @ http://mobilesyrup.com/2012/05/29/transit-now-toronto-for-android-makes-it-easier-to-catch-that-elusive-streetcar/
--- Pro version ---
Download: http://market.android.com/details?id=opl.tnt.donate
--- Contact ---
[Website] http://www.transitnowtoronto.com
[Facebook] http://www.facebook.com/transitnowtoronto
--- Note ---
- Please try not to leave bad ratings or negative comments if a feature isn't working. Email me instead and I will fix it for you! Let's work together to make the TTC a more enjoyable experience.
- Rate and comment if you like this app and tell your fellow Android friends!
- If the app is crashing after an update, try uninstalling then reinstalling. This fixes 99% for users who've reported FC's.
- Routes change constantly (due to construction), causing detours. You can now update TTC routes manually under settings menu on Find tab.
- All arrival time and route information comes from Nextbus
- This app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the TTC
- - 特征 - -
* Android的磨损与同伴的SmartWatch的应用程序兼容
* '我们到了吗?' - 惊慌,当你已经达到了您的最终目的地
通过TTC * TTC服务警报
看看其他人对这个应用程序@ http://mobilesyrup.com/2012/05/29/transit-now-toronto-for-android-makes-it-easier-to-catch-that-elusive-streetcar/
- - 联系 - -
[公司网址] http://www.transitnowtoronto.com
[Facebook的] http://www.facebook.com/transitnowtoronto
- - 注意 - -
- 请尽量不留下差评,或者如果一个功能不能正常工作的负面评论。给我发电子邮件,而不是,我会为您解决问题!让我们共同努力,使TTC更愉快的体验。
- 费率,如果你喜欢这个程序,并告诉你的同伴的Andr​​oid朋友发表评论!
- 如果应用程序更新后崩溃,请尝试卸载后重新安装。这修复99%谁已经报道FC的用户。
- 路线不断地变化(因施工),导致走弯路。现在,您可以更新下查找选项卡上的设置菜单中手动TTC路线。
- 所有的到达时间和路线信息来源于Nextbus
- 这个程序是没有办法由TTC附属或认可

Transit Now Toronto for TTC 更新内容

A new version of Transit Now has been released, try it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opl.transitnow&hl=en
-- 3.1.16 --
* New 514 Cherry streetcar route added.

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生活实用工具 交通导航
Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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