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Kickstart apps from your homescreen!

**This app is a widget**

AppKicker provides quickstart icons for the apps you most likely launch next. The list is automagically updated while you use your apps or games.

You can configure different modes how apps will be selected. In *scientific mode (recommended)* we try to learn what is the best option for you. The *recently used apps* mode is a convenient way to come back to the apps you have used recently. With *most used apps* you will have those apps at your fingertips that you use most. *Sequentially used apps* will present you apps that you usually use after each other, e.g. for checking all your social networks in a row. And mode *locally used apps* will show you apps that you mostly use at current location.

This app is a widget and will not appear in your app drawer. Add the widget to your home screen by long tapping and choose it from the list of widgets. Certainly best placed on your homescreen.

The widget is triggered when you use an app and it always shows you up to five apps to launch them next. When you have a gaming session, you can easily come back to your recent games, when you are in the office you can easily come back to your recent productivity tools. You can simply tap on the apps' icons presented by the widget. No need to maintain different desktop pages for that any more. You will have more space on your home screen for other widgets. Our app is an always up-to-date quickstart launcher.

** Note**
- You can opt out from contributing information on your app usage for optimizing AppKicker.
- Known Android bug: on Honeycomb and some other devices you have to reboot before you can add the widget.

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 0.7 beta
Android 2.2.x 以上



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