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RuneScape Hiscores RuneScape Hiscores

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** RuneScape.com has been having problems lately (with the forums and hiscores). If you have trouble searching for someone, please try again later - it's probably not the app's fault, it's the website's. This app has not had a bug in many months. **
** Hiscores are members only; if you look up a free character with this app, you will get an error because no free players are on the official RS hiscores. **
- Look up stats on the RS Hiscores!
- View character images and combat levels too!
- Star your friends for 1-touch lookup!
IF YOUR COMBAT LEVEL IS WRONG, it means you don't have all the required combat stats on the hiscores, and the calculated level will be much lower than your real level. You need these skills on the hiscores for an accurate combat level:
# Attack & Strength OR Ranged OR Magic (depending on which is higher)
# Defence
# Constitution
# Prayer
# Summoning
(if any of these skills is not on the hiscores, it will assume it is 1)
Ad disappears with purchase of any of my paid RuneScape apps, which helps support future RS apps.
The icons and RuneScape are trademarks of Jagex Ltd. I am NOT affiliated with them in any way; I'm not even a player mod. I'm just a fan, like you.

RuneScape Hiscores 更新内容

Added the Conquest and Dominion Towers minigames. Updated the minigame icons. Thanks to Derrick H. for reporting these missing minigames.
Please email ricky@insertnamehere.org if you have any bugs or suggestions.

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Android 1.5 以上
Google Play

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