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Track plowing sites and figure out your exact ice melting needs directly from your Android device! Built to help manage any commercial or business-to-business ice melting operation, The Morton Pro will help you optimize sales, work more quickly, and get the job done right!
This application comes complete with a variety of tools to make identifying the right Morton ice melting products and figuring out what quantities to use it in a breeze. To begin, simply open up Morton Pro’s ‘Calculator’ tab and input the temperature and surface area of the site where they need to melt ice. To keep things flexible the app lets you input either air or work surface temperature in Fahrenheit, depending on which one is more readily available. Additionally, surface area can be logged in by square footage or acreage. A feature to adjust temperature to show its effect on application rates on an on-going basis is included as well.
With temperature and site information in hand, The Morton Pro will recommend a specific Morton ice melting product that’s best suited to your needs and let you know how much of it you’ll need to use on any given site. Furthermore, since the app includes a full catalog of Morton Salt’s professional ice melting compounds you’re free to browse by personal preference if you’d like. Busy professionals can create logs of all their maintained sites so that they won’t have to worry about re-measuring work areas or getting bogged down figuring out how much salt to use as well.
The Morton Pro doesn’t just cater to professional ice melting operators needs, it gives them the power to enhance their business!
- Customizable work site catalog
- Site detail histories including location and area
- Calculator to figure out needed salt compound & quantity
- Air/ surface temperature logging
- Work site surface area logging
- Product recommendation capability
- Morton Salt ice melting product library
The Morton Pro is developed by INTERSOG LLC.

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