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LoyalTree Rewards

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LoyalTree Rewards LoyalTree Rewards LoyalTree Rewards LoyalTree Rewards LoyalTree Rewards

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LoyalTree is a brand new way to save money and earn rewards at favorite local destinations in your city. No gimmicks, no games, no badges. Just real free stuff and real savings. We've taken the boring and incredibly annoying customer loyalty programs you've grown to hate, sprinkled in some innovation and mixed it with a growing list of the coolest and most happening businesses in your area. The result is an incredibly simple way to earn rewards at a growing list of businesses and save real money along the way. What you will find on the LoyalTree App:- Join! Browse through our list of participating retailers and join their LoyalTree programs with ease.- Scan! Easily scan LoyalTree codes to get credit for your purchases and add deals... getting you one step closer to savings.- Track! Visually track your Reward Program progress. No more punch-card and key-tag clutter. No more guesswork. Just clear progress and GREAT returns.- Grab Deals! Look for LoyalTree Codes around your city...scan with LoyalTree to grab discounts and savings instantly.- Redeem and Save! Earned Rewards and Grabbed Deals can be used as easily as they were earned... you guessed it, just a tap!- Secret Savings and Events! Our Latest News section ensures that if something great is going on at one of your favorite LoyalTree retailers, you will be the first to know. ***Don't see stores in your city? No worries.LoyalTree is currently partnering with businesses in the Greater PITTSBURGH Area and Northern New Jersey, but we are quickly expanding. We will be continually adding new businesses in both Pittsburgh and beyond so stay tuned.If you know of a business that you would love to see on LoyalTree tell them to visit www.loyaltree.com and we will take it from there! If you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions we are at your service. Email us at support@loyaltree.com. We would love to hear from you.

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