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Colorful alarm (Alarm clock)

Colorful alarm (Alarm clock)

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Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) Colorful alarm (Alarm clock)

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Colorful Alarm is the ultimate alarm in the Android Market, fully configurable, with three steps to make your wake up easy and let you start the day in a good mood. First, it will start with the light step, lighning the room with a color of your choice (or dynamic colors), then it will ring a relaxing sound, a forest in the morning, waves of the ocean, or any other of your choice. After a while (a time that you can configure), a song that you have previously selected will wake up you in case you are still sleeping.
Perfect alarm if you want to start the day smoothly, without the roughness of typical alarms or standard songs, or in the case you want to wake up and let your partner keep dreaming.
The options you have:
- Shake to stop function.
- Ilimitated alarms for weekly alarms.
- Ilimitated alarms for one day alarms.
- Dynamic colors at the light step.
- Give a name to the alarms.
- Independent vibration for each step.
- Different strenght of vibration.
- Crecent (fast or slow) or constant starts for sound and music
- Step duration editable.
- Snooze function with number of repetitions and time between them.
- Notification to stop the snooze.
- You can adjust the sensitivity and the time of the shake to stop function.
- Notification of the next alarm.
- Time until the activated alarm will ring.
- Test mode to test your configuration.
- Clock on the wake up screen.
If there is any problem, please, send an email with the problem to parallelcube@gmail.com and I will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you!
Tested and working on:
Samsung Galaxy S
Nexus One
ZTE Blade
HTC Magic
HTC Hero
HTC Desire
Permissions explanation:
android.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD: To be able to stop the alarm even when the phone is locked.
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE: This is to avoid the alarm ring then you are in a call and to stop the alarm if you recive a call while the alarm is ringing.
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To set the alarms again after the telephone is rebooted.
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: To wake up the phone when is sleeping if an alarm is set up at that time.
android.permission.VIBRATE: You can configure different modes of vibration, so is obvious I need this permission.
android.permission.INTERNET: There is a donations system (totally voluntary) that needs to have internet access.
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Same as internet permission.
com.android.vending.BILLING: Permission added to include the possibility for you to make donations through google check out
丰富多彩的报警是在Android Market,完全可配置的最终报警,有三个步骤,让您醒来容易,让你开始新的一天的好心情。首先,它会开始轻踩,lighning的房间,你的选择(或动态颜色)的颜色,那么它会响放松的声音,早上一片森林,海洋的波浪,或任何其他你所选择的。过了一段时间(可以配置的时间),之前已选定将唤醒你的情况下,你还在睡觉的歌曲。
- 摇晃停止功能。
- Ilimitated报警每周报警。
- Ilimitated报警一天报警。
- 在轻踩动的色彩。
- 提供一个名称的报警。
- 对于每个步骤独立振动。
- 振动不同的实力。
- Crecent(快或慢)或恒定的声音和音乐开始
- 步骤持续时间编辑。
- 与重复它们之间数量和时间贪睡功能。
- 通知停止打盹。
- 您可以调整灵敏度和震动的时候停止功能。
- 下一个报警通知。
- 时间,直到激活警报会响。
- 测试模式来测试您的配置。
- 唤醒屏幕上的时钟。
三星Galaxy S
Nexus One的
HTC Magic的
HTC Hero的
HTC Desire的

Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) 更新内容

Colorful Alarm v1.18.0 2013-02-16
Palette to choose alarm color
Custom brightness increase time
Colorful Alarm v1.17.2 2013-02-10
Small problem with the interface of one day alarm, fixed.
Colorful Alarm v1.17.2 2013-01-19
Configurable night clock added
Colorful Alarm v1.17 2013-01-12
Small error with the interface solved. Sorry for the constant updates this weekend
Colorful Alarm v1.16 2013-01-12
New sound added
Donations supported

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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