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Minimalist Call Confirm

Minimalist Call Confirm

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Minimalist Call Confirm Minimalist Call Confirm Minimalist Call Confirm Minimalist Call Confirm

Minimalist Call Confirm 描述

In ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, it is very easy to make call accidentally by touching certain area in default People and Phone application. Hence, this application is created to prevent this with the following features:
• Minimalist design using ICS Holo Theme.
• Supported Language: English, Deutsche, Spanish
• Minimum permissions to support the function.
o PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS – Used for intercept the call and prompt for confirmation.
o READ_CONTACTS – Used for lookup of name based on phone number.
o CALL_PHONE – Used to call if you confirm the calling.
• USSD call will not be filtered. (E.g. *100#)
• Option to disable call confirm feature.
• The application is excluded from Recent Application List.
ØREAD_CONTACTS - 用于基于电话号码的名称查找。
ØCALL_PHONE - 使用,如果你确认调用来调用。
•USSD通话不会被过滤。 (如* 100#)

Minimalist Call Confirm 更新内容

- Added new layout, this option needs to be enabled
- Added the feature to bypass connected bluetooth device once detected, this option needs to be enabled
- Added fade out when dialog is cancelled/dismissed
- Note that the current stock dialer in 4.4 consists of separate dialer and phone app, which produces a ugly black flickering effect, this issue will be fixed in Android L when they combine dialer and phone into one app
- Please email us if there is any mistake on non-english translation

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Minimalist Call Confirm 信息

Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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