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著色预订精简版 截图

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著色预订精简版 描述

Now you can have 600+ free coloring pages right in your pocket.
With the recent update it has over 600 images - a really large set of coloring pages to play with!
This is a major rewrite of Coloring Book app for kids. Great on a tablet and phone alike. With various images - you will surely find something adequate for your needs. Now you will always have a bunch of coloring pages for your kid to color. And with the built in export option (email, Facebook and other social media sites you have installed on your device) you can easily reach your friends and relatives. Send a birthday, name day, Easter or Christmas card to your distant relatives.
Your kid will have lots of fun for hours!
You can have some coloring fun with your toddler. You can also make a coloring contest with your kids, the use cases are endless - surely you will find one that suits your needs. Also teens and adults can find it interesting - and share their work with friends.
Lots of pictures to choose from:
* 400+ colouring pages available from various categories
* Animals, Airplanes, Cars, Nature, People, Valentines Day, Stained Glass Pictures and more.
* You can color a fairy here and a princess or a newborn dragon
Configurable Interface:
* ZOOM function to color tiny details. Can be disabled if you find it confusing for your kid.
* UNDO function to make sure you can always revert changes you have made.
* Advanced COLOR PICKER will allow you to select just the right color. Click "new" to select the new color or "old" to keep using the old one. Also - a separate color picker with a set of predefined colors if that is what you prefer.
* You can EXPORT the image, share it with others via mail or other application installed on your phone (e.g. Picassa, FaceBook, any app that accepts images via standard Android "share image" function").
If you like it, consider purchasing an ads free version. Thanks!
All the images are free for private use, if you want to use them for any commercial purpose please check with me first.
NEW FEATURE (August 2013):
Coloring Book will be shown as an application that can accept a photo from your Photo Gallery (so called "Share" Intent). It will also work for email attachments and other pictures in your device. - you have unlimited coloring pages now.
Draw something on a piece of paper, make a photo of it, download an image from internet, draw a coloring page for your kid in your favorite image editor and send it to your Coloring Book. Unleash your creativity and have fun!
This feature is still in experimental phase - I will be glad if you could drop me a note how you see it working on your devices. You may need to crop the image before sending.
随着最近更新它有600多个图像 - 一个真正的大集着色页玩的!
这是图画书应用程序为孩子们的重大改写。大在平板电脑和手机的一致好评。随着各种图像 - 你一定会找到你需要的东西足够。现在,你将永远有一堆着色页为你的孩子的颜色。并与内置的导出选项(电子邮件,Facebook和已安装的设备上的其他社交媒体网站),你可以很容易地达到你的朋友和亲戚。发送生日,命名日,复活节或圣诞卡片到你的远房亲戚。
你可以有你的孩子一些着色乐趣。您也可以与您的孩子着色比赛,用例是无止境 - 你一定会找到一个适合您的需求。此外青少年和成年人可以找到有趣的 - 并与朋友分享自己的工作。
* 400 +提供各类着色页
* Undo功能,以确保你总是可以恢复您所做的更改。
*先进的颜色选择器将允许您选择恰到好处的颜色。点击“新建”,选择新的颜色或“老”使用旧保持。此外 - 一个单独的颜色选择器与一组预定义的颜色,如果这是你喜欢什么。
图画书将显示为可以接受你的照片库中的照片应用程序(所谓的“共享”意图)。它也将工作电子邮件附件和设备其他图片。 - 你现在有无限的着色页。
该功能还处于试验阶段 - 我会很高兴,如果你可以给我一张纸条,你怎么看它在你的设备的工作。您可能需要在发送前裁剪图像。

著色预订精简版 更新内容

Coloring Pages count: 780
Performance optimization (faster coloring) and less battery use!
Improved "first run experience". The app now opens directly to coloring pages browser so you can pick one.

著色预订精简版 历史版本

著色预订精简版 使用技巧

著色预订精简版 信息

Android 2.3.2 以上



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