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365 Photo App!

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365 Photo App! 365 Photo App! 365 Photo App! 365 Photo App! 365 Photo App! 365 Photo App!

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It’s truly amazing to see how your face changes over a period of one year - you may think you change little, but that’s not true - your face changes naturally, but most people don’t realize just how much...

With the 365 Photo App, you can capture portraits for the 365 days of the year - whether you want to see how your face changes, your child’s or someone completely different: you can do it - all from the palm of your hand. Everyday, simply open the 365 Photo App to capture the day’s image. Snap just once and you can get on with the day - it only takes a few seconds, and you will see an amazing progression after the year ends.

View the Calendar to track the month’s images, or flick back to previous months to see those. It may be called the 365 Photo App but we don’t simply limit you to one year - you can participate for 6 months or 2 years, 5, 10 or just as long as you would like. There’s no limit or minimum of days that you can participate in this experiment.

Share a specific snap to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Google+ or send via Bluetooth, Gmail or MMS. Furthermore, you are able to add a specific note to an image as a mental reminder, so when something important happens, you can document it in your daily photograph-diary!

All of your picture are safely saved to your prefered local storage option - so that you never have to worry about losing your precious photographs. The application will also give you up-to-date statistics, such as how many photographs taken, number of notes added, how much of the experiment that you have completed and how many days that you have used the app.

Join the 365 Photo App experiment today - and view change, first hand.

- See how your face changes over a year - or as long as you would like!
- View past images from previous months!
- Share any image to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Google+ or send via Bluetooth, Gmail or MMS!
- Join the face photography experiment!
- Note down important events on a certain day’s photograph!
- See statistics about your progress!

这确实是惊人的,怎么看你的脸,在一个为期一年的变化 - 你可能认为你变化不大,但事实并非如此 - 你的脸的变化自然,但大多数人不知道到底有多少...

365照片应用程序,你可以一年365天的拍摄人像 - 无论你想看到你的脸怎么变化,你的孩子或完全不同的人:你可以做到这一点 - 从手掌。每天,只要打开365照片应用程序捕捉到当天的形象。只是捕捉一次,你可以得到与天 - 只需要几秒钟后,一个年度结束后,你会看到一个惊人的进展。

查看日历跟踪一个月的图像,或轻弹回到前几个月看到那些。它可能被称为365的照片应用程序,但我们不要简单地限制你一年 - 你可以参加6个月或2年,5,10,或只是只要你想。有没有限制或最低的日子,你可以参加这个实验。


您的图片安全地保存到您的首选本地存储选项 - 使你永远不必担心失去你珍贵的照片。应用程序也会给你的最新统计数据,如多少拍摄的照片,添加的音符数,多少您已经完成的实验,多少日子,你使用的应用程序。

加入365的照片应用程序今天的实验 - 查看变化,先用手。

- 看看你的脸怎么了一年多的变化 - 只要你想!
- 查看过去的影像,从以前的几个月!
- 分享在Facebook,Twitter,谷歌Picasa时,任何图像或通过蓝牙,Gmail或MMS发送!
- 面对摄影实验!
- 记下重要的事件在某一天的照片!
- 统计你的进步!

365 Photo App! 更新内容


- Saving picture now in seperate thread with nice progress dialog

- Fixed bug with reminder

- Added fullscreen as an option

- Fixed not working menu bug

- Added try/catch blocks for less bugs


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Android 2.2.x 以上
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