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PI基准 PI Benchmark

PI基准 PI Benchmark

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PI基准 PI Benchmark PI基准 PI Benchmark PI基准 PI Benchmark PI基准 PI Benchmark

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Pi Benchmark is a tool to measure the real speed of CPU and memory of your phone. It will perform PI calculation up to 2.000.000 digits of precision. You can also upload your calculation times to the online database and compare your phone with other smartphone models in the world.

Don't trust fake (I mean: F.A.K.E) PI calculating applications. It's IMPOSSIBLE to calculate million digits of PI in one second on a mobile phone! This application is the real deal. Your phone will get warm and probably even hot while performing millions of computations. This is how it should be in the real world.

To prove this is not fake, try this: Calcultate PI to 1.000.000 digits on your phone. Upload your benchmark. There is a button to save all calcultated digits to a file (I could not squeeze 1.000.000 digits into the application of barely 150KB). Those digits could be easily compared with precalculated values of PI found elsewhere on the internet.

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Version 1.0: Initial Release

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系统工具 优化
Android 2.2.x 以上
Sasa D. Markovic

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