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2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi 2GIS Sochi

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2GIS Sochi. Winter edition is an offline Sochi guide for city residents and tourists coming to the principal sports event of 2014.Business listings with map of Sochi. Works offline.Accurate information about all companies in Sochi: contacts, addresses and opening hours in 2014.Detailed 3D map, driving directions, and public transport routes.Business listings— Search for companies by name, address, or business area.— Select cafes, restaurants or hotels by any parameter: cuisine type, photos, reviews, ratings, average bill.— Detailed information on pharmacies, ATMs, stores, taxis, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and much more.— Search for Olympics ticket offices near you.Detailed 3D map— A map with all of the new stadiums, houses and even fences built by 2014.— Search for an address, street or a whole district.— Information on all facilities in Sochi — press any facility to learn the details.Route search— Specify start and destination points, and 2GIS will show you the best route for all types of public transport.— For driving directions, use 2GIS as a navigator in Sochi.— The shortest routes to Olympic venues, hotels, stores and sights.Works offline— 2GIS Sochi does not require Internet connection. Search on map, search for companies, route search and other application functions work offline.GPS and compass— Finds the precise location on the Sochi map. GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular network positioning is available.

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