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Music Player for Pad/Phone

Music Player for Pad/Phone

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Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone Music Player for Pad/Phone

Music Player for Pad/Phone 描述

New music player also suitable for tablet with Android Honeycomb 3.0 or higher.
With this player you can create playlists and organize your folders by simply taking your phone or tablet without using the annoying system scan. You choose what to listen to without getting lost in the extensive research of your songs.
*** The features are numerous, including ***
- Formats supported: MP3, WAV, OGG, MID, MP4, M4A, 3GP, FLAC, AAC and some WMA files depends on the compression. (FLAC , AAC and WMA only for Android 3.1 or higher)
- Clearly hear the music, even off-screen
- Use of gestures with your finger to change songs (right and left), pause (double tap), start a song (double tap) and vary the volume (up and down)
- Hide playlist Side
- Add files, folders (including subfolders choice) and playlist to current playlist
- Remove the selected song, all songs or just the missing physical disk
- Load and save playlist
- Sort the playlist in different ways
- Quickly search for a song from the playlist
- Display the time remaining or time elapsed for a song by tapping on it - Loading all the ID3 information from MP3 files
- Display of the cover while listening the song
- Widgets of various sizes
- Oscilloscope (Android 2.3 or higher)
- Search Covers online
- Equalizer (Android 2.3 or higher) 
- Queue of songs you like
- Long menus by tapping on a song
- Command/Send Track information to Bluetooth devices like car stereo or headsets
- A lot of other options...
*** Explanation of Permissions ***
All permits are used to the normal operation of the program without any complete collection of user information, in details:
- INTERNET to connect to the network for AdMob advertising and to unlock the FREE version;
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE for AdMob advertising;
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to save the cache and the playlist, and more on the SD;
- WAKE_LOCK to keep active the player during screen off when playback;
- RECORD_AUDIO to draw the oscilloscope;
- READ_PHONE_STATE and GET_ACCOUNTS to use donations;
- BOOT_COMPLETED to play music when device start.
Have fun!
All news will be displayed at the opening of the new version of the program once installed.
- 支持格式:MP3,WAV,OGG,MID,MP4,M4A,3GP,FLAC,AAC和一些WMA文件取决于压缩。 (FLAC,AAC和WMA等仅适用于Android 3.1或更高版本)
- 清晰的听到音乐,即使关闭屏幕
- 使用手势用手指来改变歌曲(左,右),暂停(双击),开始播放歌曲(双击)和改变音量(上下)
- 隐藏播放列表侧面
- 添加文件,文件夹(包括子文件夹选择)和播放列表到当前播放列表
- 删除选定的歌曲,所有歌曲或者只是缺少物理磁盘
- 加载和保存播放列表
- 排序方式不同的播放列表
- 快速搜索从播放列表中的歌曲
- 从MP3文件加载所有ID3信息 - 通过点击就可以显示剩余时间或时间经过的一首歌
- 显示封面的边听歌曲
- 各种尺寸的小工具
- 示波器(安卓2.3或更高版本)
- 搜索占地面积在线
- 均衡器(安卓2.3或更高版本)
- 歌曲队列你喜欢
- 长菜单通过点击一首歌
- 命令/发送跟踪信息,蓝牙设备,如汽车音响或耳机
- 很多其他的选择......
- Internet连接到该网络AdMob的广告和解锁的免费版本;
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E保存在SD缓存和播放列表,以及更多;
- WAKE_LOCK屏幕关闭时,播放过程中保持活跃的球员;
- BOOT_COMPLETED当设备开始播放音乐。

Music Player for Pad/Phone 更新内容

A lot of changes, check in program or in my site:

Music Player for Pad/Phone 历史版本

Music Player for Pad/Phone 使用技巧

Music Player for Pad/Phone 信息

影音播放 音乐
Android 2.3.2 以上
SimoSoft Projects

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