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Download the free Ireland’s Blue Book smartphone app to explore Ireland’s Blue Book unique collection of Irish Country House Hotels, Manor Houses, Castles and Restaurants. Ireland’s Blue Book helps guests plan their stay featuring information from the Blue Book properties located throughout the island of Ireland. Guests can view images of individual properties, learn about their amenities, browse guest relations information and read about upcoming events at other Blue Book properties.

Key Features of Ireland’s Blue Book
- Search from a selection of Blue Book properties on an interactive map or using search criteria.
- View photos of individual Blue Book properties and share with friends via email or Facebook.
- Contact the individual Blue Book property directly with single click email and dialing options.
- Follow Ireland’s Blue Book on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, events and offers.
- Access guest relations information of individual Blue Book properties anytime, anywhere.
- Off line mode – enables the user to view individual property content when they don’t have network coverage.

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About Ireland’s Blue Book
Ireland's Blue Book is a divine collection of Irish Country House Hotels, Manor Houses, Castles and Restaurants. Located throughout the island of Ireland these charming and stylish hideaways are the perfect choice for your holiday vacation in Ireland. They are also ideal for a midweek or weekend break and those seeking a romantic getaway. With a choice of elegant Georgian Manors, Stately Castles, Historic Hotels, cozy Bed and Breakfast accommodation, Luxury Boutique Hotels and Designer Lodges, there is something to suit everyone's tastes and requirements. Also included in the collection are three of Dublin city's finest Michelin star restaurants.

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DeCare Systems Ireland Ltd.

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