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Human Body Secrets

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Human Body Secrets App gives you more than 1000 fun, odd, weird and awesomely interesting human body facts. Learn the many wonderful fun1000+ fitness facts and human body facts is ready for you. Download Human Body Secrets App you can save your favorite fitness facts and share with your family and friends at your fingertips.
Human Body Secrets is an application of interesting and amusing facts about the human body. The facts span the gamut from simple fun facts low on academic integrity to facts on disease, bones, muscles and even some on the human population.
Human Body Secrets App provides the spark for people to learn more about the bodies in which we live, such as your bones, heart, muscle, lungs, organ, brain, and many disease, etc. Fitness Facts APP collect the most human body facts that you should know and you don't know. Enjoy and have a good time.
★★★★★ Feature ★★★★★
★ 1000+ Human Body Facts
★ Bookmark your favorite facts
★ View all facts as a list
★ Randomly view facts
★ Navigate facts with a forward and next button
ctions and intricate organs of the human body. Share these fun and useful tidbits of human anatomy knowledge and trivia with your friends.

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