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Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards!

Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards!

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Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards! Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards! Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards! Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards! Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards! Doodlr - Free Greeting Cards!

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Doodlr is a Greeting Cards app that comes preloaded with lots of beautiful template cards that you can customize - or you can create your own unique cards from scratch using the built in drawing app - adding your own photos and graphics. *** 100% FREE! NO ADS!! ***
Make unique birthday eCards, christmas eCards, party invitations, happy new year 2012 eCards, Easter cards, ePostcards and pretty much everything else in-between!
You can share your eCards with your friends via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. Almost any phone ( not just Android ) can receive your card if you send it via text.
You can add speech bubbles, thought bubbles and a wide range of fun disguises to your photos. Have a play around, see the screenshots and the video to see it in action.
• Doodlr is Genuinely, for Free - NO ads, NO charges, NO watermarks!
• This drawing app / greeting cards creator is great for kids - my daughter loves using it.
• Lots of artwork and no pressure to use the provided templates, make great unique greeting cards from scratch.
• The application can run from the SD card too. Considering the amount of artwork, it doesn't take up too much space (2.7mb).
• Zoom in on your pictures, artwork provided is vectors so your greeting cards will look great at any size.
• This version is not optimised for tablets (yet), but please let me know how it runs, so I can make changes or let others know.
Please rate highly if you want me to improve this app. If you have a problem on your phone or tablet, email me and let me know what model you are using, and I can fix the problem for you.
I have successfully tested on :
Samsung Galaxy s2
Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Motorola Droid X
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
HTC Wildfire
HTC Incredible 2
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Sensation 4G
LG Optimus One
Doesn't run on :
Sony Xperia X8
Doodlr是一个贺卡预装了很多漂亮的模板卡,您可以自定义 - 或者你可以使用内置绘图应用程序从头开始创建自己的独特的卡 - 添加您自己的照片和图形的应用程序。皇冠100%免费!没有广告! ***
•Doodlr是真正免费 - 无广告,无抵押,无水印!
这幅画的应用程序/贺卡的创作者是伟大的孩子 - 我的女儿喜欢使用它。
三星Galaxy S2
三星Galaxy Mini
三星Galaxy S
三星Galaxy Tab
三星Galaxy Ace
摩托罗拉Droid X
HTC Desire HD的
HTC Wildfire野火版
HTC Sensation的4G
LG的Optimus One
索尼的Xperia X8

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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