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Battery Clock Calendar

Battery Clock Calendar

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Battery Clock Calendar Battery Clock Calendar Battery Clock Calendar Battery Clock Calendar

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When you are experiencing problems, email to me directly for fast respond. Don't ask question on comment, I might not be able to answer all comments. I'll try my best to solve your problems.3 in 1 widget. Battery, Clock and Calendar all in one. Great looking. Nice design. Plus! It has complete yet useful additional information.I prepare 2 versions here. Free version and Full version.If you like my widget you can consider to buy me a cup of JAVA coffee to accompany me on sleepless night. (^.^) Haha just kidding...Just please consider to buy Full Version to support development. It would be at reasonable price.On full version you can have a choice of graphical UI instead of text display on each themes! And free semi transparent dark and light theme! Make your widget even cooler!Features:1. 2 Themes, Dark and Light2. No Panel background, 50% and 75% transparency level (Full Version)3. Graphical UI themes for clock, calendar and battery (Full Version)4. Complete Text display information for clock, calendar and battery5. Support both 12H and 24H format6. Day will be in red color on weekends7. For Graphical UI Battery Level display. Blue when battery level is full, orange if in intermediate, and red color when battery in low level (Full Version)8. Celcius / Fahrenheit unit for battery temperature9. Battery charging indicator10. Enable shortcut to Alarm, Calendar and Power Consumption11. Colored AM/PM and Battery status. Battery status turn blue when full.NB : 1. This is a widget not an application. Installation does not give you application. Instead, go to Home Screen and long press to add a Widget.2. Tap on a widget to enter menu setting3. If battery level does not appear, just wait for a minute or two.4. In case of Force Close, try to remove then add the widget back to home screen or reboot your device.5. Avoid any task killer that may stop this widget.Enjoy!Tag : clock, widget, analog, digital, battery, home, design, 3 in 1

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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