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(This is the free version of My Recipes)
My Recipes is an app that allows you to store, organize, and share your personal recipes. Unlike those other apps that force you to use THEIR recipes, this app allows you to store YOUR OWN recipes...creating your own virtual cookbook.
- Facebook integration...tell your friends what you are cooking!
- Use your own images for your recipes
- Enter recipe information using voice recognition!
- Search by tag or ingredients
- Flip your phone to landscape orientation when viewing a recipe to see the ingredients on the left and the instructions on the right!
- Simply email a recipe to a friend.
- Sync your recipes with Dropbox to backup your recipes and to view or modify them from your computer or other mobile devices!
- This version limits you to 10 recipes (upgrade to the full version for unlimited)
- More features will be released in the future!
Full Version Features:
- Store unlimited recipes
- Create an unlimited amount of grocery lists
- Cooking for a large crowd? Change the proportions of a recipe with a click of a button if you'd like to half, double, triple, or quadruple the ingredients of a recipe.
- Disable your lock screen when you are viewing a recipe.
- Tag your recipes with descriptive keywords to make them easy to find.
- Import recipes from popular websites!
Keywords: cooking, oven, halloween treats, thanksgiving dinner, lunch, breakfast, christmas meals, baking, bake, gourmet, chef, taste, eat
- Facebook的整合...告诉你的朋友,你做饭什么!
- 使用自己的图像,为您的食谱
- 使用语音识别输入配方信息!
- 标签或配料搜索
- 翻转横向查看配方的成分在左边,在右边的指示时,您的手机!
- 只需发送电子邮件给朋友的配方。
- 你的食谱与Dropbox同步备份你的食谱,并从您的电脑或其他移动设备来查看或修改!
- 此版本限制10食谱(升级到完整版本的无限)
- 更多的功能将在以后发布!
- 商店无限食谱
- 创建一个无限量的购物清单
- 烹调一大群?点击一个按钮更改配方比例,如果你想一半,双人,三人,或四人的成分配方。
- 禁用锁屏,当你查看一个配方。
- 标签描述性的关键字,使他们很容易找到你的食谱。
- 热门网站的进口食谱!


January 2015
- Import from ANY url! If My Recipes can't parse it, you'll still be able to save the link to your collection!
- Images now display larger and more beautiful
- You can now rotate your images!
- Fixed various syncing issues
- Fixed adding image in KitKat (4.4) +
- Import from dozens of compatible websites!
- New icon and splash screen!
- Performance optimizations
- (fix) Modify your recipes at http://myrecipeseditor.bsapps.com
- You can now import from ALLRECIPES.com!


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