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The All New DioDict 3 for Android Phone!
DioDict, the representative brand for dictionary application for smartphones, is reborn with Android Phone. DioDict 3 has a convenient, unique, and user-oriented UI optimized for Android. If you are looking for a dictionary app, DioDict is the one for you!
* The app is best downloaded using a WiFi connection.
* over Android 2.2 platform
* Dictionary Contents
* The No. 1 English-English dictionary, published by the world-renowned Oxford University Press
- Contains the Advanced Learner's English-English Dictionary, which is published by Oxford University Press, the world's most renowned dictionary publisher.
- Includes 184,500 British and American English words and phrases, and 85,000 examples.
- Includes 7,000 synonyms and antonyms, and 5,000 words related to science, literature, computers, and business.
- Includes useful reference information, such as names of places and irregular verbs, and newly coined words, such as podcast, wiki, carbon footprint, social networking, and tiger economy.
- Includes newly coined words and words with cultural backgrounds, such as Capitol Hill, Big Brother and the Windy City, and slang from each country.
- no internet connection necessary to use dictionary.
* A reliable app from specialized mobile application developing company
-DioDict has been pre-loaded on mobile phones such as Samsung, LG smartphones for years
-With its dedicated mobile applications development team of over 100, and its Quality Control department's strict product verification processes, DIOTEK differentiates itself from other dictionary application providers.
Special features of DioDict 3
1. A special search feature of DioDict that searches several dictionaries at once
-Word searches are easier with a single run!
Easy to switch to other dictionaries with a comprehensive dictionary feature when purchasing several dictionaries
Search definitions from each dictionary with a single search!
2. Premium search function and Google search
-Voice search: search for a word using Google’s voice recognition technology.
-Hangulro search: speakers of korean can search for a word in other languages by typing the pronunciation of the word in Hangeul.
-sounds like: search for words which sound like the search term entered. (e.g., excellant -> excellent)
-Blank Search & Wild Search: Enter “?”or “*” in place of a letter when you don't know the spelling of the word you want to search for (e.g., Stu??).
-Embedded word look-up: look up unknown words inside any dictionary entry.
-You can search for the meanings of words and the information related to images and news through Google search.
-DioDict provides a Handwriting Search mode (the ‘DioPen’ handwriting engine is installed.).
-Marker: use the marker feature to highlight any words of interest in an entry.
-History: all words previously searched for are listed in the history menu.
3. TTS audio support & Unique and smart user interface
-The TTS audio function supports not only words but also selected sentences.
-A new visually comfortable UI with enhanced readability
4. More fun and powerful flashcard word study function!
‘DioBoy’, which is the DIOTEK’s mascot, will help you learn words in an easier way with a lot more fun.
-Cradle Mode, Study Mode, Dictation,
* DIOTEK guarantees the prompt contents provision of new updates, including new words and technical terms, by the DIOTEK Dictionary Contents Department.
* You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.
*Facebook & Twitter*
所有新的DioDict Android手机!
DioDict,字典应用程序的智能手机的代表品牌,是脱胎换骨的Andr​​oid手机。 DioDict 3有一个方便的,独特的,以用户为导向的Andr​​oid UI优化。如果您正在寻找一本字典应用程序,DioDict是一个给你!
在Android 2.2平台
* 1号英英字典,由世界著名的牛津大学出版社出版
- 包含高阶英汉双解英英词典,这是牛津大学出版社出版的,世界上最知名的词典出版商。
- 包括184,500英国和美国的英语单词和短语,和85000的例子。
- 7000同义词和反义词,科学,文学,电脑,和业务相关的5000字。
- 包含有用的参考信息,如姓名的地方和不规则动词,新词,如播客,维基,碳足迹,社交网络,和老虎经济。
- 包括新创造的词和词的文化背景,如国会山,大哥和多风的城市,每个国家和俚语。
- 没有互联网连接需要使用的字典。
3 DioDict的特殊功能
1。 DioDict一次搜索多个词典的一个特殊的搜索功能,
- 语音搜索:搜索一个词,使用Google的语音识别技术。
- Hangulro搜索:韩国的扬声器可以搜索其他语言中的单词键入这个词在韩语的发音。
- 听起来像:搜索输入搜索词听起来像的话。 (例如,excellant - >优秀)
- 标记:使用标记功能,突出显示任何一个项目的兴趣。
- 历史:以前搜索中列出的所有单词的历史记录菜单。
3。 TTS音频支持独特的和智能的用户界面
- ,TTS音频功能支持不仅是口头上,而且选择的句子。
* DIOTEK保证提供新的更新的提示内容,包括新的单词和专业术语,由的DIOTEK词典内容系。
* Facebook和Twitter *
www.twitter.com / diotek
www.facebook.com / DIOTEK




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