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The Champions of Zulula return in a tale of brotherly love, redemption and crap.
You didn't miss'em, but they're back anyway! The Champions of Zulula return in this hilarious strategy RPG. The vile Akolan declares himself overlord of Zulula and bans the tournament forever! Grunty the Cyclop, Ledouche the Knight and Oulette the Slime join forces along with other ex-champions to kick Akolan’s butt and bring the tournament back!
* Turn-based strategy: Move your armies around the 10 different battlefields. Plus one bonus battlefield for the paid version.
* Item system: More than 30 different items alter your characters' stats and powers.
* Combat layer: Position your forces, establish a battle plan, then watch individual warriors execute your strategy in realtime simulated combat.
* Deep, emotionally charged storyline of brotherly love, redemption and crap.
* Returning champions include the Cyclop, Human Knight, Slime, Eye, Dog, Land Octopus, Stone Golem, Human Mage and Snakeman.
* Among the minions of Akolan are the Dark Knight, Warlock, Slime, Mud Golem and Scorpak.
* Face Yvan Shar Ooze, the horrific protoplasmic horror in his labyrinthine sewers!
* Unlock Feint achievements.
* Free, thanks to advertisements.
The same team that gave you Champions of Zulula Elite Edition back in 1995 reunites to bring you the further adventures of Grunty and company! All in glorious retro-styled visuals and audio!
Voluntarily rated "Teen Content" for Strong Language, Cartoon Violence, Crass Humour and Alcohol Use.
Become a fan on facebook and give us feedback! Visit our website for more information!
*** Comments and Kudos ***
"Fantastic game, can't wait for episode 2"
"Old-school RPG meets juvenile humor. Having followed the serie since the Tournament of Zulula in 1991, it's nice to see the old characters make a comeback. Not much of a graphics upgrade since the 1995 classic but funny as hell."
"Combines the silly of Disgaea or Grotesque Tactics with the gameplay of Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. With a tiny bit of Gratuitous Space Battles thrown in the mix."
"Funny piece of crap. Lol."
"Good thing I enjoy SRPGs & juvenile humor!"
"This rpg is amazing. Love the classic feel & look, over the top humor, and characters. Must have rpg for teen to adult rpg fans."
"An idiot cyclop, goodie two-shoe knight, loltard eyeball and some sort of French-Canadian slime collide in a South Park-style joke fest"
"You think Zenonia or Great Little War Game is awesome. You're right! But Heroes of Zulula is awesome too!"
"Made of shiny pixels like Symphony of Eternity"
"Feels like half these quotes are cooked up to include the name of similar games to help search results" - John a.k.a. Ogre Tactics Lover



- Fixed bug in the help system

- New changelog system


- Acts 6 and 7 have been made easier.

- Remember to check your objectives and don't try to kill all the bad guys if that's not your goal!


- Few bug fixes based on crash reports


- Few bug fixes based on crash reports

- Updated graphics engine


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