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Essential construction calculators for your phone. Construction Calc Pro - *24 Hour Trial* Save money by quickly estimating materials. Save time by calculating angles, measurements and quantities. The ideal handy pocket companion for anyone in the construction industry. Enter measurements in feet/inches or metric. Use the menu button when inputting data to switch between the two. AUTOMATIC UPDATES Construction Calc Pro has taken 5 months and 12,500 lines of code to develop and is the easiest to use construction calculator available on any mobile platform. There is no complicated manual to master or instructions to follow – just enter data and get precise results. HIGH VISIBILITY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHTWhite on black text, with blue and orange inputs and outputs for high visibility in direct sunlight. WEBSITE Visit the website at http://www.constructioncalcpro.com/ CALCULATORS INCLUDE: AGGREGATE - RECTANGLEInputs: Width, Length, Thickness, Density, WastageOutputs: Weight, Volume AGGREGATE - ROUNDInputs: Diameter, Thickness, Qty areas this size, Density, WastageOutputs: Single area weight, single area volume, Total area weight, Total area volume ASPHALTInputs: Width, Length, ThicknessOutputs: Weight, Volume BALUSTERSInputs: Run length, Baluster width, Baluster spacingOutputs: Qty of balusters, Qty spaces, Baluster spacing (center-to-center), Baluster spacing (edge-to-edge), Measurements to far side of each baluster BOARD / LINEAL FOOTInputs: Thickness, Width, Length, QuantityOutputs: Board feet, Lineal feet CONCRETE - RECTANGLEInputs: Width, Length, Thickness, Use rebar option, Rebar spacing along width, Rebar spacing along lengthOutputs: Volume, 60lb premixed bags, 80lb premixed bags, 10kg premixed bags, 25kg premixed bags, 50kg premixed bags, Rebar required CROWN MOULDINGInputs: Wall angle (corner of wall), Crown (spring) angleOutputs: Miter angle, Bevel angle DROP CEILINGInputs: Length at ceiling, Width at ceiling, Tile size, Distance (anchor to drop ceiling)Outputs: Ceiling area, Ceiling tiles, Perimeter moulding, Main supports, Tee support peices, Wire length (each), Wire length (total), Wire anchors DRYWALLInputs: Room width, Room length, Room height, Panel width, Panel height, Include ceiling optionOutputs: Area - surface area. Materials - Drywall panels. Joint compounds - Readymixed, Lightweight readymixed, Setting-type, Lightweight setting-type. Fastener - Drywall nails, Drywall screws. Additional items: Joint tape, Primer, Adhesive FLOORINGInputs: Width, Length, Wastage, Square Ft or M per boxOutputs: Total area, Boxes needed FRAMINGInputs: Total wall length, Qty of windows, Qty of doors, Qty of corners, Stud spacing (on center)Outputs: Studs required INSULATIONInputs: Total area width, Total area length, Batt/roll width, Batt/roll lengthOutputs: Batts/rolls required, Total area LINEAR COST ESTIMATORInputs: Single panel length, Qty of panels, Cost per linear foot, Cost per linear meterOutputs: Total cost, Total length PAINTInputs: Wall length, Wall height, Number of coats, Surface typeOutputs: Gallons required, Liters required RAFTERInputs: Run, Pitch (/12")Outputs: Rafter length RISE/RUN/ANGLEInputs: Rise, Run, Angle (Enter rise and either run or angle)Outputs: Angle, slope, Run ROOFINGInputs: Width, Length, Pitch, Sq ft or M per pack, Type, Nails, Safety marginOutputs: Roof surface area, Packs needed, Nails SQ COST ESTIMATORInputs: Width, Length, Cost per Sq ft or MOutputs: Total cost, Total area, Total area (acres) SQUARING (3-4-5)Inputs: Width, LengthOutputs: Diagonal STAIRSInputs: Total rise, Custom rise, Custom runOutputs: Riser height, Total risers, Tread run, Total treads, Total run, Stringer board length, Elevation, Running stringer points TILESInputs: Room width, Room length, Tile width, Tile length, Use border tiles option, Border tile width, Border tile length, Tile pattern, Safety marginOutputs: Tiles needed, Border tiles needed



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Construction Calc - 24h Trial