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Bored with your standard Android notification? Awesome! Notifier brings new life, functionality and customization factors to your SMS notifications (with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter notification support on its way!)

You can easily choose between:
✓ 'Quick-notifications' with custom avatars and quick action buttons, to make your notifications engaging and functional.
✓ 'Awesome! notifications' – Beautiful full-screen notifications with customizable fonts, backgrounds and animations.

Notable features:
✓ Unique and customizable notification avatars.
✓ Customizable notification fonts.
✓ Customizable notification backgrounds .
✓ Different notification type when the screen is turned on and off
✓ Create Android avatars with Google’s Androidify and use them in Awesome! Notifier.
✓ A notification center that keeps all your notification in one place.

Awesome! Notifier requires the following permissions to work properly:
✓ Access your messages: We receive and view SMS messages for you.
✓ Network communications: Will be used to access gmail/facebook/twitter. We also use Flurry analytics to collect usage statistics, learn how we can improve the application, and track bugs.
✓ Read contact data: We need to display contact names and images in our notifications.
✓ Your accounts: (Currently not used). Will be used to allow you one-click login into gmail instead of entering a username and password.
✓ Phone calls/Services that cost you money: Our notifications allow you to call the sender with a single click. This permission is used to initiate the call when you choose to do so.
(Note: some permission will only be used in upcoming updates, preventing permission changes will allow you to keep using “update all” on the Android market)

We take your privacy very seriously. We hate spam too.
We do not use, and will never use, any of your private information. Like thousands of other apps, we use Flurry analytics to understand how people use the application and log errors that may happen. This helps us quickly fix them without asking you to send us log files, etc.

We put a lot of love and effort in bringing you a high-quality app. Our motto is release early and often. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve as we progress.
The best ways to contact us:
1. On our facebook page (www.facebook.com/awesomenotifier): Sending us feedback there allows us to quickly respond and other users to respond as well. You can also stay up to date with the latest tips, releases and updates.
2. E-mail us: awesomenotifier@mobilemerit.com
Although you can leave comments on the Android market for other users to see, we can’t reply to them, and it’s much harder to keep track, so please use one of the two methods suggested above.
Set your notifications free! We hope you enjoy using Awesome! Notifier as much as we enjoy creating it.

Thanks for your feedback! You're awesome! We have some excellent features coming soon, we're just getting started here!




✓ Fixed dialog layout problem on non-hdpi screens.

✓ Fixed a bug in parsing external avatar packs (Packs are coming!)


✓ Fixed some issues when receiving notifications when the screen is off.

✓ Improved integration with lock-screen.

✓ Added LED indication support. LED light will be shown when a notification is auto-dismissed or when using a standard notification.

✓ Screen-off notifications now show on top of your wallpaper.


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 1.0.3 beta
Android 2.1.0 以上


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