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timr consists of a very easy to use Android App as well a Web Application (timr.com). With the App you track your time on the go, while in the office you can use the Web Application. And the best thing is, your App and the Web Application are always in sync automatically!
With timr you're recording your time immedialtly while you're working. At the end of the day, your total work is already tracked. You can see at a glance how productive you've been, you enjoy feeling more productive and you'll be happy if you worked out a nice income.
PLEASE NOTE: After downloading the application you must signup for a 30 day trial account. Within this trial period, you can opt for a Free or Premium (paid) account, otherwise the test period ends automatically. Your timr account is created within a few seconds, no credit card is required. We'll never automatically charge you!
Main Features:
* Punch-In / Punch-Out (=Working Time Tracking)
* Tracks time spent on projects/tasks (= Project Time Tracking)
* App only needs to be launched to Start/Stop tracking, can be closed while tracking
* Multiuser
* GPS Position-Tracking
* Powerful Reporting
* Use the timr web application for convenient administration, reporting, accounting
* Data is automatically synchronized with the Web Application, there is 1 central location for your data, automatic backup
* Add notes to a Project- or Working Time record
* Record breaks
* Works past-midnight
* Correct time entries across time zones - e.g. records the right time when travelling from Munich to New York
* Unlimited number of "working time categories" - office, business trips, .... (Premium Feature)
* Define your own task structure (clients, projects, subprojects, tasks, ...)
* Unlimited number of clients / projects / tasks (Premium Feature)
* PDF reports can be created on the go
* Rounding
* Customizable report headers lets you add company logo and address
* Forgot to start or stop? No problem: timr also allows a simple correction later
* Automatically suggests last odometer reading for new drive log recordings
* Your data is always automatically saved, there is no danger of data loss e.g. with updates
* Your colleagues do not use Android? No problem, there is also a timr App for BlackBerry, iOS, WP7, Windows Mobile
* Languages: German / English
Q: Why do I have to create an account?
A: timr is not a "standalone" app, and that's good! timr synchronizes your data with timr web application. Your data (and your employees!) are stored in ONE central location. No matter where you are, using the app or via web, you always have access to your current data. You don’t need to worry about any backup. You also do not run risk e.g. loosing your data on updating your App.
Q: Is the application free?
A: For freelancers or private use, we offer free accounts. In addition, there are premium accounts based on a monthly fee. Why paying a monthly fee? Because the system is hosted centrally and highly available to you, we offer business support, your data is automatically backuped and because we also have to pay our bills ;)
Q: What's the main difference between timr and all other time and mileage tracking apps?
A: timr provides working time tracking (punch-clock), project time tracking (the time that was working for clients), and mileage tracking combined in ONE app. Furthermore, timr is not just a stand-alone app because it additionally provides a comprehensive web application for convenient administration, reporting, accounting, ...
Thousands of satisfied customers from over 40 countries in various sectors (craft, IT, design, architects, lawyers, freelancers, ...) trust timr every day.
For further information and pricing please visit http://timr.com
If you have any problems, please contact our support instead of writing a negativ review because this is the only way how we can help directly. Unfortunately there is no way to reply on App Reviews.
* GPS位置追踪
*使用TIMR Web应用程序,方便管理,报告,会计
跨时区*正确的时间条目 - 例如行驶记录​​从慕尼黑到纽约时,正确的时间
*无限数量的“工作时间类别” - 办公,商务旅行,....(高级功能)
* PDF报告可以随时随地创建
*您的同事不使用Android的?没问题,也有一个TIMR应用黑莓,iOS系统中,WP7,Windows Mobile的
答:TIMR是不是一个“独立”的应用程序,这很好! TIMR与TIMR Web应用程序同步数据。您的数据(和你的员工!)都存储在一个中心位置。无论您身在何处,使用的应用程序,或通过网络,你总是有机会获得当前数据。您不必担心任何备份。你也不要运行的风险如失去对更新应用程序的数据。


Say hello to timr offline!
New in 3.1.1:
- Bugfixes
New in 3.1.0:
+ Landscape Mode for tablets
+ Android 6 Permissions
o Offline sync optimisations
o Bugfixes & Improvements
New in 3.0:
+ New Design
+ Offline Mode
+ Lots of improvements
For any questions or feedback we are always glad to hear from you at info@timr.com
Have a great working day!



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timr -Time and Mileage Tracker