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My Way Aéroports de Paris: Geolocation and guidance application at Paris-CDG.

"My Way Aéroports de Paris" is the Aéroports de Paris official geolocation and guidance indoor and outdoor application.

"My Way Aéroports de Paris" is a free service, for passengers using Android mobiles and available in both French and English.

The application allows passengers to be geolocated and guided, inside and outside Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminals. It covers all departures and arrivals journeys, all the airport including the TGV station and car parks.

The geolocation facility of "My Way Aéroports de Paris" offers the following functions:

• Be located in the airport, inside* (indoor) or outside (outdoor) terminal, on downloaded maps
• Find a point of interest (POI) based on a theme and around you (information desk, lounge area, restaurant, shop…)
• Bookmark point of interests as favourites.
• Calculate the journey between two points of interest, or between the position of the passenger and a point of interest
• View the journey on the plan with distance information
• Be guided by vocal mode or on a road map detailing journey steps and level changes
• Choose a type of journey: standard, accessibility (PRM), accès N°1.

If you wish to help us make "My Way Aéroports de Paris" an even better app, please send us an e-mail to support-geoloc@adp.fr with your full details.

Android 2.2 operating system or better is required.

You can also find all Aéroports de Paris's flight schedules and services information on your mobile with Aéroports de Paris's mobile web site http://m.adp.fr or by downloading the "My Airport" application in Google Play.

*Indoor geolocation available from August 2012 to the terminal T2 A/B/C/D and T3.



The version 3.0 of the application "My Way Aéroports de Paris" allows to:

• be located in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, covering all indoor and outdoor airport areas on a new 3D mapping

• view the route on the plan with distance information, journey steps and level changes

• beneficiate of an ergonomic and design of the application completely revised, for a fluid and intuitive navigation.


Android 2.1.0 以上


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My Way Aéroports de Paris