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Turn your phone into a real personal tour guide! Explore one of the legendary cities of China. Shanghai is one of the main ports in the country, the largest city proper in the world and one of the most emblematic meeting points between East and West. Nestled between traditional Chinese houses and ultra-modern skyscrapers, you will have the chance to discover one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco architecture anywhere in the world. You will hear the stories of natives and immigrants, see the marks of history everywhere you go and witness the future being made. PocketGuide is the first application that guides you with a voice through the city just, like a real tour guide. During the trip it can record your activities and with one click you can create an amazing 3D video of all your experiences. * New feature! Augmented reality view to help you to easily locate nearby sights! To use it just rotate your phone to landscape view! * In the app you have free access to the offline map, the GPS tracking, sharing (3D video) and the augmented reality features. You can listen to the first 3 points of each tour for free but you will have to pay for further content. PocketGuide Audio Travel Guides for iPhone PocketGuide presents a collection of audio tours of the best locations and insider hangouts in the world’s major cities and tourist destinations. With different thematic tours available in a continuously growing number of cities, there will always be something to fit your interests. Alternatively, you are free to wander around the city and let PocketGuide inform you when an interesting site is nearby. All of the tours are developed by the best local tour guides who know their cities inside and out; they can recommend all the ‘must see’ sights. This intuitive application guides you with voice navigation and fits comfortably in your pocket. Download it! Next time you’re planning a trip simply start PocketGuide, choose your destination city, pick the tours you like and get ready to experience and explore like never before! Why PocketGuide? • IT IS LIKE HAVING A PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDE IN YOUR POCKET - It shows you around the most amazing and exciting parts of town just like a good tour-guide would • IT IS EASY TO USE – You can take a tour without having to hold your phone in your hand • IT GUIDES YOU WITH VOICE - It will guide you with clear audio cues and once you approach a sight it automatically starts to tell you about it • IT HELPS YOU SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES - During your tour you can take photos and add comments; from this PocketGuide automatically creates a 3D video that you can easily share with your friends • OUR TOURS ARE MADE BY PROFESSIONALS - Our tours are made by the best local tour-guides who know exactly what is worth seeing and have a living knowledge of their cities • IT HELPS YOU FIND WHATEVER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - if you are tired you can easily pick from a list of the best nearby restaurants and cafés • IT DOESN'T REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION - Once you download the content the application works in offline mode so you don’t have to pay roaming charges Available cities: North America: Boston, Chicago, New York South America: Buenos Aires, Lima, Rio de Janeiro Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Debrecen, Dublin, Cork, Istanbul, Krakow, London, Paris, Potsdam, Prague, Rome, Szentendre, Vienna, Waterloo Please note that continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



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