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  1. 捕鱼之星


    具有全新 玩法的捕鱼游戏,手指点击直接撒网,就可捕捉到数十种不同鱼类和凶悍的鲨鱼BOSS。

    捕鱼之星(Fishing Stars)是一款具有全新 玩法的捕鱼游戏,手指点击直接撒网,就可捕捉到数十种不同鱼类和凶悍的鲨鱼BOSS。除了普通渔网,还有炸弹和水雷等诸多充满乐趣和挑战的捕鱼道具供你使用!
    神秘的海底有着壮观的鱼阵, 会喷墨的墨鱼, 能撕破渔网的食人鱼, 以及远古时期的蛇颈龙。而渔夫们也获得了可升级的武器系统, 更大的渔网, 威力强的炸弹, 范围广的水雷, 用好他们, 你将是最闪亮的捕鱼之星!

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  2. 史前钓大鱼

    Catch prehistoric fish and dinosaurs with this exciting expansion pack for Big Sport Fishing! This is the full version of Big Dino Fishing with more locations, dinosaurs and fish. Travel back in time to fish for aquatic dinosaurs and strange ancient fish like the Arandaspis, Osteostraci or Xiphactinus.
    This expansion pack provides a new theme and additional locations for Big Sport Fishing and requires either Big Sport Fishing 3D or Big Sport Fishing 3D Lite (free). With over 8 million downloads, Big Sport Fishing provides beautiful panoramic views, stunning 3D graphics and exciting motion based controls.
    In Big Sport Fishing you can earn virtual credits to acquire special bonus items. These credits can also be purchased using an In-App purchase.

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  3. 饥饿小鱼

    Let’s go and eat some fish! In this great dodge game you are a fish which wants to eat a lot of fish! But be careful don’t touch the bigger ones as they will eat you. With an easy game play, nice graphics and a background which changes at each level is this a must have game!
    Grow and become the biggest fish in the sea!
    While playing this game you will also face other kind of sea creatures which may not so friendly.
    Every time you play, you can accomplish new achievements for a higher multiplier to get more points which you can share on Twitter. Also you can unlock new upgrades in the shop to grow even faster and to scare the sea creatures away!
    - Simple game play
    - Different effects and predators
    - Endless game experience
    - 21 achievements to unlock
    - Constantly changing background
    - Shop for upgrades
    And if you like the game, don't forget to give a review!

    4838 人安装 · 2015年1月5日更新
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  4. 钓鱼之旅


    4467 人安装 · 2013年9月10日更新
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