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  1. 野餐打斗(Picnic Mayhem)

    Picnic Mayhem(野餐打斗)是一款从iOS移植过来的非常有趣的益智游戏,游戏的整体风格非常的清新和可爱,如果你厌倦了电锯、炸弹或者流血的游戏,可以来尝试这个。 Everhungries是一些从二战实验室中逃出来的试验品,它们被创造的目的是要变成一个超级杀人机器,不过很显然,现在,Everhungries只是一些贪得无厌的饥饿鬼。现在,它们要入侵到美丽的山坡和草地上,那里有许多野餐的场地,能够为它们提供无尽的可口食物。你的任务就是要控制Everhungries吃到这些食物。当然,在美味的食物中间还会隐藏着一些炸弹之类的危险品,你需要避开它们。

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  2. 轮轴


    轮轴(Axle)是Fallstreak Studio开发的一款动作类游戏。轮轴是移动平台游戏,设定为齿轮的世界。你扮演一个旺盛的小齿轮轴通过危险的机器,由内而外修复它们。游戏采用了充满活力的手绘艺术风格和独特的和令人兴奋的世界的原始电子回旋配乐。无缝融合传统玩法构建平台以创新的触摸控制,轮轴是一个惊心动魄的冒险游戏且全年龄适用。

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  3. Predictive iDash

    Race-Keeper Predictive iDash is an in-car lap timing data display for race car drivers and track day enthusiasts. Race-Keeper Predictive iDash displays live performance data and predictive lap times using innovative timing and velocity methods derived from high rate GPS and vehicle data. Predictive iDash employs stunning HD graphics that automatically resize to accommodate all current Android devices (2.2 or greater).Race-Keeper Predictive iDash displays live performance data, transmitted wirelessly from Race-Keeper’s on-board video data systems:Current rolling lap timeLap # Last lap timeBest lap timePredicted lap time on current lapTime comparison to best recorded lap at trackMinimum corner speed Max straight speedRPMFlashing RPM color shift barGear #Configurable gear shift pointsMPH/KPHGPS signal strengthOn-board media capacity statusVehicle battery statusRace-Keeper’s predictive mode displays predicted lap times, and clearly displays current performance with a unique “bow tie” display, which shows faster (green) or slower (red) graphical relative data as well as the time difference in seconds, and tenths.Predictive mode gives racers valuable real-time comparisons of current lap vs. best lap, and critical decision-making data to continue driving a qualifying lap hard and fast or to cut bait and save precious resources, including tires and fuel until the next lap.Race-Keeper Predictive iDash also archives and displays lap times and related performance data for each track session, so racers can quickly review each session’s lap times and data.Start line positions for all tracks visited are saved along with best lap time in the Courses database. A default page can be set by the user by simply tapping the Race-Keeper logo for 4 seconds on the preferred page – this keeps navigation fast and easy.Set up is simple: connect to Race-Keeper’s WiFi hot spot and Predictive iDash is ready to go! Set shift points, store and display start-finish lines, select RPM source (OBDII, CAN or Tach), and configure gear settings all using the intuitive on-screen interface.Race-Keeper Predictive iDash employs almost any Android full-color, high-resolution display from smart phones to 10" tablets. Numerous third-party mounts are available to secure these devices from suppliers such as Panavice and Ram Mounts, and of course Amazon.Race-Keeper is one of the world’s most capable and trusted providers of video data loggers, delivering video data systems to premier racing series and programs for the past six years across North America and Europe. Race-Keeper is the exclusive video data system for SCCA Pro World Challenge Series USA, Formula Two UK, Porsche Sport Driving School USA, Porsche Germany, PalmerSport UK, Silverstone UK, BMW Performance Center USA, and Porsche Great Britain.Race-Keeper combines the power of professional-grade video and data systems in one easy-to-use video data package. Coupled with Race-Keeper Comparo side-by-side analysis software, Race-Keeper is the most powerful, competitively priced driver development tool available to help racers analyze and improve their driving.Visit www.race-keeper.com/i-Dash to view Race-Keeper Predictive iDash graphical design and data.

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