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Heroes of Warfare

Heroes of Warfare


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Heroes of Warfare截图 Heroes of Warfare截图 Heroes of Warfare截图 Heroes of Warfare截图 Heroes of Warfare截图
  • Heroes of Warfare截图预览
  • Heroes of Warfare截图预览
  • Heroes of Warfare截图预览
  • Heroes of Warfare截图预览
  • Heroes of Warfare截图预览
Heroes of Warfare is a FPS game which combine competitive style of MOBA games. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroes of Warfare is a much anticipated mobile FPS game which combines exciting FPS gameplay and team competitive style of MOBA games. Featuring heroes with distinctive abilities, beautiful maps with intricate terrains, smooth gameplay and intuitive control, Heroes of Warfare is the latest incarnation of competitive gaming on mobile platforms. Join the rank of heroes and dominate the battlefield! Features: ※ Control Objective in 5v5 Battles Heroes of Warfare provides over ten maps with various visual styles. Each team of 5 players must capture the objective point in the center of the map and hold it from enemy assault. ※ Innovated MOBA FPS Combining elements of traditional FPS and team-based MOBA games, Heroes of Warfare provides an innovated shooting experience on your phone like never before. ※ Smooth and Intuitive Control Clear button layout allows you to easily master controls from basic movement to advanced abilities, and you can even customize your interface and scheme to your personal taste! ※ Fair Play Where True Skills Rule While Heroes of Warfare provides various heroes to choose from, you don’t need to painfully level-up your favorite characters. This is not the ordinary run-and-shoot or pay-to-win games you know, this is a fight where only the ones with skills, teamwork and thinking mind triumph. ※ 10 Seconds to Find Match, and 10 Minutes to Play a Game Heroes of Warfare’s advanced matchmaking system can quickly find the suitable game for you, and each game lasts about 10 minutes---the perfect length to have a relax from work or spend the time waiting for bus. Here in Heroes of Warfare, you can always jump into the heat of battle anytime, anywhere. Contact us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeroesofWarfare.en/ Email: service@4399en.com


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