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  1. 莉比小公主之梦幻学院


    Long time no see, honey! This is your loveable Princess Libby and I'm back with great news! Tah-Daaah! I have been admitted to "Dream School"! Have you heard about this magnificent place? Well, let's go and check it out!Amazing~ I have never seen such a beautiful school before! Can you believe it? Anyway, seeing is absolutely believing! Dear, to tell you the truth, I am really on the edge of my seat now since this is my first time to walk out from my palace. But it's great to have you by my side! Come on! Let's go and have super fun here. The gorgeous dresses are sure to bring out the best in you; the joy of making unique tiaras can definitely get you addicted to DIY; the fun of caring for magic pets will totally take your breath away. Even more excitingly, we can host parties here with friends. Wow~ the unheard-of school life deserves to be expected, right? Oh dear, let's seize the moment and hit the road!How to play:Open the game and we'll get there by carriage! Hey, honey, can you read my mind? Haha~ you're so good. Yes, you can easily guess what I am thinking about by tapping the bubble on my head. Oh, Fashion Emergency! There is a party and I don't know what to wear! You always have good taste in clothes, please dress me up on the third floor. Here we go: get into the room, click the "Dress" icon on the top right corner and choose the chic things for me. Good job! Wow~ look at me, I love the new look! Dear, you really have a gift for this. Why not do me another favor and decorate the room by clicking the "Brush". Thank you very much! Oh, wait! My tiara has a flaw! That's really a fly in the ointment. Maybe we can replace it with another unique tiara. Just Tap the middle room on the second floor and make one by ourselves. But keep in mind that some materials should be exchanged with "Stars". And usually, the better we finish our tasks, the more stars we can get. See~ how handy you are with this tiara and I am gonna be stunning in the party. Honey, you can save your masterpiece and check it at the "Exhibition Room" on the right of the fourth floor. All right, party time! Enter the other room of this floor, tap the "Head Portrait" in the bottom left corner to invite our friends and get them served by dragging those tempting food. Yum! Yum! After that, maybe we should get to the first floor and take the magic class, no doubt that you'll be surprised by a fantastic world!Features:- Over 10 mini games to captivate you- 13 magic pets to amuse you- Transfiguration, wand & Tons of magic elements to fascinate you- Collect more stars to exchange for fabulous items- Lots of dresses & accessories make the most beautiful princess- Fantastic scenes bring you into the dreamlike placeAbout Libii Game:With over 200 million downloads and growing, Libii is committed to creating innovative games for kids. We'll keep working on establishing a good relationship with both parents and their children and bringing a healthy, happy atmosphere for them.Visit us: http://www.libii.com/Like us: http://www.facebook.com/LibiiGameContact us:Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feel free to contact us 24/7 at WeCare@libii.comNeed You Know:This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

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  2. 宝贝听听


    宝宝爱听,妈妈优选的睡前故事app。丰富的内容,独家精品故事,让宝宝每天都听不同样的故事,给宝宝带来乐趣,促进宝宝智力成长。 产品特色: 划分明确——按年龄提供不同的育儿内容,和宝宝共同成长;按兴趣提供不同的故事,动画、儿歌、有声故事,识字学习、成语故事、科普益智、英语启蒙等等。 宝宝秀逗——提供好玩又好看的宝宝秀,一键共享宝宝的可爱瞬间。 精品推荐——金牌儿童主播推荐的儿歌故事,更贴近小朋友的需求。 热门内容 《米小圈上学记》 米小圈在为学习成绩、严厉的老师、家长的管教、刁蛮的同桌和一心调皮捣蛋的同学所苦恼呢?别担心,一切都会好起来的! 《鸡萌小队2》 火爆全国,萌趣来袭 ,美佳妈妈热心开明,四只萌鸡宝宝在妈妈的关爱下,在大森林中与其他小动物一同快乐相处,共同成长。 《小鸡彩虹》 七只彩虹颜色的小鸡,他们性格各异,能歌善舞,每周都在云岛上发生各种奇奇怪怪好玩儿的故事。 联系我们 微信订阅号:babytingtingvip 新浪微博:http://weibo.com/qbabyting 官方QQ群:210285298 372810934 邮箱:babyting@qqikids.com

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  3. 公主小宝宝

    快看,太阳升起来了,我们的小公主要开始新的一天啦! 公主的小宝宝诞生了,健康活泼又可爱,可要照料她们母女二人的日常生活可不是件那么容易的事儿!从早起的洗漱换装,午间的户外野餐时间,到傍晚的健康检查,睡前洗个舒服的泡泡浴……这一切工作都需要你来帮忙。累了一天,快和宝宝一起钻到被窝里,用一个暖暖的睡前故事,和她一起进入甜蜜梦乡吧~太阳升起又落下,真是累并快乐的一天呀! 游戏玩法:打开游戏,皇室的美好清晨正在向你招手。可爱的小公主刚刚睡醒,正等着有人帮她洗漱呢!赶紧帮她换上尿布,喂她喝一瓶可口的早安奶吧~公主今天要带小宝宝去户外野餐,小宝宝当然要打扮的美美哒。为她挑选一条最漂亮的小裙子,戴上首饰和眼镜,准备出发吧!噢,对了!别忘了收拾好婴儿车,再带上野餐需要的食物和物品哦!哇哦~户外的景色好美,阳光明媚,心情都跟着愉悦起来了。户外活动结束,千万不能忘记小宝宝每天的日常身体检查,测身高体重,量体温擦药,打一针疫苗。什么?打了针的小宝宝哭得停不下来?没关系~公主妈妈专门为她准备了一间奇妙的玩具房,里面可是应有尽有哦!照料宝宝的日常起居,虽然忙点累点,却也是乐趣多多,不是吗? 游戏特色:- 最真实的看护体验- 奇妙玩具房惊喜不断- 特色照片墙留住儿时记忆- 日常身体检查,身体健康不能忘- 海量场景主题,总有一款适合你 关于我们:Libii Game一直致力于为孩子们打造寓教于乐并充满想象力的交互性游戏,而今已拥有超过三亿的下载量并且仍与日俱增。我们将不懈努力为他们创造出更多丰富有趣的内容。更多产品信息,请访问官方网站:www.libii.com或关注我们的主页:http://www.facebook.com/LibiiGame如需帮助,或者有任何想法、建议,请随时联系我们,邮箱地址:WeCare@libii.com 用户须知:这个游戏的下载和使用完全免费,其中一些基本物品也可以免费使用,但是请注意,有一部分附加物品是需要您购买并付费之后才能完美使用的,因此,如果您不想使用这类附加物品,也为了防止意外购买的纠纷,请您在设置中关闭购买应用软件这一项,谢谢您的配合。

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  4. 天天酷跑攻略



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  1. 公主化妆女孩游戏

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  2. 魔塔

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  3. 奶爸故事

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  4. 城堡塔防Crush The Castle

    1230人安装 50.86MB