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AirPOS Point of Sale

AirPOS Point of Sale

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AirPOS is software for small retailers that allows them to sell in store and online by providing ePOS applications for the desktop and tablet devices, a powerful online back office and integrated e-commerce web stores offering a truly joined up, multi-channel selling experience.The AirPOS Android application allows sales to be processed on Android tablets, useful for tablet service in cafes or restaurants or anywhere else that a mobile point of sale is required. AirPOS Android sets your point of sale free and can be used in conjunction with our applications for Windows to provide a complete, modern point of sale installation, all integrated into your web store with real time inventory, sales and data movement making for a seamless experience.AirPOS for Android supports a wide range of receipt printers plugged in via USB. You may require a USB OTG ("on-the-go") adapter cable available from many online stores. Simply plug in your printer to your tablet, and AirPOS should start, ready to use.(Please note: Our aim is to provide a functional POS system and as such, the AirPOS ePOS application is not designed to be used on smartphones and should instead be used on an Android tablet)Usage of our Android application requires an account available through our website. Sign up now and begin configuring your devices at http://www.airpointofsale.com

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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