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GSam Screen Dimmer - Free GSam Screen Dimmer - Free GSam Screen Dimmer - Free GSam Screen Dimmer - Free

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Is your screen too bright for reading at night? GSam Screen Dimmer will let you:
* Dim your screen below the built-in settings for some devices
* Set custom brightness settings, providing quick access to change your screen brightness
* Automatically change brightness at certain times of the day (Pro version only)
Even on its lowest Brightness setting, many people find that their screen can be too bright for reading in a dark room. GSam Screen Dimmer often lets you dim the screen way past what the built-in brightness setting will allow, giving you a much better night reading experience. You can dim your screen without ever leaving the app you are currently running. Better yet, you can see the content on your screen while you dim - no need to launch into separate screens.
* Not all devices will let you dim the screen past the default settings.
* The Free version contains ads. Upgrade to the Pro version to remove the adds.
* This app was designed with e-readers such as the Kindle Fire in mind, however it will function well on all Android devices, including Phones and Tablets.
Permission Explanations:
* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Allows the dimmer to dim the screen below the system settings even when it's not the active foreground app. This is a dangerous setting to allow, however it is required for the screen dimmer.
* WRITE_SETTINGS: Allows the dimmer to update the system brightness setting.
* INTERNET: Allows the Free version to show Ads. This permission is not included in the Pro version.
* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows the dimmer to automatically start up whenever you restart your devices. You can control this setting in the preferences.
即使在最低亮度设置,很多人发现,他们的屏幕可以读入一个黑暗的房间太亮。高盛资产管理部亮度调节器往往让你暗淡的过去内置的亮度设置将允许在屏幕上的方式,给你一个更好的夜间阅读体验。你可以调暗你的屏幕,而无需离开当前正在运行的应用程序。更好的是,你可以在屏幕上看到的内容,而你暗淡 - 无需发射到单独的屏幕上。
此应用程序设计的电子阅读器如Kindle Fire的心中,但它运作良好,在所有的Andr​​oid设备,包括手机和平板电脑。
* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW:可以让画面变暗,低于系统设定的调光器,即使它不是活动的前台应用程序。这是一个危险的设置,以允许的,但它是所需的屏幕亮度调节器。
* WRITE_SETTINGS:允许调光器来更新系统的亮度设置。
* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:允许调光器自动启动时,重新启动您的设备。在首选项中,​​您可以控制​​此设置。

GSam Screen Dimmer - Free 更新内容

* Fix custom button setting for locale's that use commas for decimal points.
* Maintain screen brightness even when screen is locked.
* Add option to turn off button key backlight when brightness is set below a user specified percent rather than attempting to dim them (very few devices - if any - support dimming)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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